Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Maximizing efficiency while reducing costs

Facilities ManagementDid you know there are low – to no-cost – things you can do to reduce your energy consumption and increase profitability?  Facilities management is key. Commercial buildings account for approximately 41% of energy consumption in the United States according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  Energy consumption by buildings account for most of this figure.  Our facilities management services help you:

  • Reduce your overall energy consumption;
  • Increase efficiency and production;
  • Lower your building and employee costs and liability;
  • And, much more.

Our facilities management strategies begin with an assessment of your current management strategies with an eye towards two key factors.  First, we want to help you maximize efficiencies in the building environment as it exists today.  Secondly, we want to help you find low-, to no-cost green initiative opportunities that will result in lower energy costs.

Maximizing Building Environments

Not all energy reduction efforts require massive financial expense.  Some of the ways we have helped clients reduce their carbon footprint, and increase profitability include:

  • Rerouting traffic flow;
  • Low cost modifications to existing facilities;
  • More frequent and detailed inspection of machinery and mechanical systems;
  • Reduction or elimination of heat sources within refrigerated areas;
  • And, much, more.

Maximizing your building’s current environment has the immediate effect of lowering your production or storage costs without significant financial expense.  Often, these simple changes can return a 50 to 100 fold decrease in energy consumption and expense.

Facilities Management and Green Initiatives

Governments of all size offer financial incentives to businesses who rely on industrial refrigeration to lower their overall carbon footprint.  With our green initiative knowledge, we can often find solutions that not only make you more efficient, but provide significant financial incentives to your business.  Many businesses only look incorporate green initiative technologies when they have a need to replace existing equipment.  While this seems logical, these businesses are passing up on simple changes in processes that could save them tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars per year without ever having to swap out equipment.  Government agencies offer grants and other funding opportunities to implement green technologies.

After our initial assessment, we offer custom tailored solutions to each customer at each location, and help educate your employees and decision makers on ways to continue to reduce cost and energy consumption into the future. Our goal is create and implement innovative systems and procedures that maximize your building, employees, and equipment to help you reach a higher level of profitability and product delivery to the end client.

We are your partner in cost and energy reduction.  If you are looking for facilities management services our experienced team of technicians will employ a variety of systems to make you more profitable.  Contact us today for a confidential and comprehensive analysis of your facilities and let us show you how we save our clients tens of thousands, or more, dollars each year with simple, easy-to-implement alterations to their processes and building environments.