We have proudly built a reputation with our clients as hardworking, knowledgable, and dedicated professionals.  We carefully guard our reputation with every job, every client, every time.  But, don’t take our word for it.  Read our client testimonials from some of the most respected people in the industrial refrigeration and related businesses who rely on our expert service and consulting to do their job more efficiently.



“Mark has proved himself as an excellent refrigeration asset to us, not only solving problems for us but his knowledge has saved us thousands in modifications to our system…”

Ralph Kresge
Facilities Engineer
Houston, Texas







“Selby Service & Consulting is an excellent service and consulting refrigertion company…Mark is very knowledgable in all application of the refrigeration system and controls.  With his extensive knowledge…he has saved approximately 9% on monthly utility charges.”

Price McNutt
Chief Engineer
Houston, Texas







“You and your firm have been very instrumental in securing business due to your technical expertise, especially in medium and low temperature applications.  I personally contacted Mark Selby, who was able to provide us with subcontracting capabilities for complete and complicated temperatures…”

Mike D’Amico
Account Executive
Houston, Texas




“In 37 years as a facility plant engineer, I have never written an introductory letter for a service technician.  I have known Mark Selby for over 5 years and have found him to be one of the highest quality technicians when dealing with ammonia nd halocarbon refrigeration systems…His honesty in problem assessment has been a cost savings to us…”

Gerald A. Mortiz
Plant Engineer
Houston, Texas



If you are looking for an industrial refrigeration service and consulting service give us call.  Our experience and reputation have proven us trustworthy partners in your refrigeration needs.  We have other references available by phone upon request.  We work diligently every day to earn your business and keep your business.  Contact us today!