About Us

About Us

Selby Service & Consulting, Inc. (SSC) was founded by Mark Selby.  Mark viewed the industrial refrigeration service industry and saw a need for a company that balanced the needs of the customer, the owners, and the employees. As a young father-to-be Mark wanted to create a company that would never lose sight of the things that matter most in life – relationships.  He began with a vision and a dedicated customer who saw the vision, and saw how that vision would provide for a vendor with dedicated personnel who were deeply concerned with the level of service they provide.  Since then, SSC has grown to serve hundreds of customers and garner a reputation as one of the best industrial refrigeration service companies in the nation.

SSC began by servicing ammonia refrigeration systems, but has grown to service all types of industrial refrigeration systems, and has added a wide variety of other services as well including:

  • Custom system design & installation
  • Facilities management
  • Emergency repair
  • Welding services
  • Painting
  • Inspection and repair
  • Energy consumption analysis and solutions
  • Consulting
  • And, much more.

We try to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers before their need becomes a concern, let alone an emergency.  Our biggest compliments come from the times we have successfully addressed an oncoming problem before it created more expense and disruption to our customers.  Many of our customers have gone on to recommend us to their friends in the industry, leading us to growing within a family of customers.

We often receive requests to expand our services within an existing clients facility because of the level of service we provide.  Attention to detail is the hallmark of what we do.  Our technicians are experienced professionals who work together to create the comprehensive and creative service solutions to all of our customers.  We never accept excuses, and always demand excellence in all we do.

Become a Team Member

Our team members are a big part of what makes us so great at what we do.  By carefully selecting qualified team members and integrating them into our company culture we are able to provide consistent, reliable service to each of our clients.  Our team members understand that we care about them and their families, and have bought into Mark’s philosophy of relationship building on and off the job.  If you are looking for a career in industrial refrigeration and think you may be a good fit with our company, then fill out our short Employment Inquiry Form and we will contact you.

Put Us to Work for You!

If you are a potential customer and want a company that takes on the challenges of creating efficient, low-cost industrial refrigeration services, then contact us to schedule an appointment.  One of our knowledgeable sales professionals will contact you about your needs and find the best solution for you.  Our sales team members all have extensive knowledge of the industrial refrigeration industry, and hold other positions of responsibility within our company.  This ensures you will get accurate information from someone who has a responsibility to ensure that our sales promises never exceed our performance capabilities.